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 The Arizona Chimney Sweep Guild is a gathering of chimney service professionals operating in the state of Arizona and having the following goals in common:

1. Establishing  and maintaining high standards of integrity, ethics, skills, equipment  and practice in the chimney service profession with the goal of safeguarding the life, health, property and  welfare of the general public.

2. Promoting fire safety through a program of Public Education designed to inform  the general public of the hazards to life and property associated with the improper installation, maintenance and operation of chimneys, venting systems and related appliances.

3. Promotion of the chimney service profession within the region.

Our Network


We you support each other by sharing ideas and industry insight. Our guild has boots on the ground experience with many contacts and years in the industry.

Your Resource


We work together to grow our businesses. We send customers to each other for specific jobs some may not do. We know our trade and the customers in the area.


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We strive to stay in communication with our members. Have a question about our guild, or want to see if we match your specific needs? Send us a message, or give us a call. We're always happy to meet new people in the industry!


Phoenix, Arizona, United States

(609) 204-8257

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